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hydrometer hitting bottom

updated thu 11 oct 01


Llewellyn Kouba on wed 10 oct 01


No problem with hydrometer hitting bottom. Just take a 1 1/2 Inch plastic
PCV pipe at 12 inches length. Tape the bottom end shut with some heavy
packing tape and you have a nice small item that you can test pour a few
cups of your glaze mix in. Works for me!

Llewellyn Kouba
Abbey pottery

At 03:22 PM 10/9/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>If anyone is still looking for a hydrometer, Seattle Pottery actually has
>two kinds: one that is supposed to work for both glaze and slip, and one
>that's specially for slip. I got the dual-use one (cost around $20) and
>I tested the calibration with known substances, and it was fairly
>accurate. The just-for-slip one costs a bit more, perhaps $25. They
>have a web site to order from (again - no I
>don't work for them - they're just great folks!), and they ship, in case
>you're not in the area (although I'd hate to have the thing break in
>transit). They might also be able to tell you if anyone in your area
>carries these. My problem has been when I work in small quantities,
>getting the slip into something that makes it to be deep enough for the
>hydrometer to not hit bottom! So I might try the weighing method myself
>in those situations.
>Patti Kratzke
>Kingston, WA
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