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glaze test for black friday, cone 6, ox.

updated thu 11 oct 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on wed 10 oct 01

Glaze test for:  Black Friday, cone 6, ox.

Source:  Jeff Zamek

All tests fired on white, mid-range stoneware.

Fired in to cone 6 (1220c) in oxidation.

Firing ramp:

100c (212f) per hour to 600c (1112f)

150c (302f) per hour to 1100c (2012f)

100c per hour to 1220c (2228f)

15 - 30 minute soak depending on matts and glosses used.


20 Nepheline Syenite

15 Whiting

18 EPK

20 3134

17 Flint

10 Bone Ash


12 Mason Stain #6600



All raw materials measured up or down to nearest whole decimal.

Oxides used on percent basis to a 100 gram batch of glaze.


Local Frit for 3134

Generic Black stain.  Omitted CMC.

Resulted in:

Semi matt black glaze.  Stayed where put and no discernable
difference where double dipped.   Very smooth surface.

Best regards, Alisa

in Denmark