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shiny black ^6

updated mon 8 oct 01


Heidi Haugen on sun 7 oct 01

hi maggie,
go to (john hesselberth's site) for info/recipe
for rr black, 2 different versions.

I use the one with 2% cobalt and love it dearly. it isn't finicky about
application or placement in the kiln, i never worry about it turning out

i use it in combo with other glazes as well. my white liner is rr black
base without colorants and with zircopax, it has been thoroughly
leach-tested by several folks.

just can't say enough good things, every one of my glazes with the
exception of 1 is a rr special:)

take care,
heidi haugen in montana enjoying a beautiful fall but missing my husband
who is still up at his fire lookout, unprecendented for this late in the
peaceful hearts to all.