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hot soda ash

updated sun 7 oct 01


chris clarke on sun 7 oct 01

I finally fired my kiln, after months of lag. The load turned out =
great, not a loss among them. But I noticed something weird. I used =
the same glazes, I hesitate to call them shinos but let's pretend. =20

The last load (before summer), where I sprayed the soda ash, turned =
green, really nice limey green over several layers of slip. Kind of =
like hard candy. This load, I did the same thing, sprayed hot soda ash =
over the same glazes and slips. Fired basically the same, and walla, =
milky white. No green. Carbon, but no green.

Now I wonder if the soda ash made the green at all, all three of the =
glazes are snowy. One is a borax glaze, one is a soda ash, and one is =
just feldspar and alberta. I love all three for different reasons. I =
get carbon trapping in certain areas of the kiln, when I fire right I =
guess. But the green is a mystery. Green has become a crusade since =
I'm having trouble with it, always turns red. Thought I had it licked.
Any reasons for the green? Or just magic?


temecula, california