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natural wax for pitfire pots

updated sat 6 oct 01


Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild on fri 5 oct 01


I also like to use 'natural' materials where possible. I'm using
a product called Holland Bowl Mill B's Oil, which I buy at a local
kitchen supply store. You might be able to find a source online,
or contact the Holland Bowl Mill in Holland, Michigan, at
(616) 396-6513

> Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 19:56:38 -0500
> From: Jim and Marge Wade
> Subject: Re: pit firing
> There have been lots of suggestions given as to types of waxes to use after
> pit firing, but does any one use something more orgainc such as beeswax? I
> have not been able to find a chunk of pure beeswax so have been using a
> product called Sno Seal sold at outdoor stores for sealing boots (a sample
> usually comes with Sorrel boots). It has a strong scent of beeswax. I would
> like to use something non petroleum based knowing I will probably not have
> the same amount of shine, but at least it would be a more natural finish.
> Marge