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cookbook: identify your work

updated sat 6 oct 01


L. P. Skeen on thu 4 oct 01

Hello. The following items need identification. I need to know title =
if any, year it was made if possible, stoneware/earthenware/etc, =
dimensions. DO NOT clog the list with this information. Send an email =
back to me with the subject line above I =
need this information yesterday. Some folks included it in the mailing, =
but most did not. :( Thanks

K Nez - Anasazi serving set
A Brink - cookie platter
B. brown - stoneware tray
D. Rhudy Pitcher
D Rhudy Porcelain jar
GP1 - a group of vases on black background
Janet Kaiser - path
J Boyer- plates
j mason - pitcher
j hesselberth - never mind, got yours. ;)
john weber, tall pitcher
l richter, bread canisters
l richter coffee cups
l richter, salad set
r fouts, cups
s benscoter, frog
s benscoter, sculpture
s armann, green tray
c litman, plate
f cassman, bowl
j lee, celadon/copper red
j lee, cracked shino
j lee, woodfired troy's green
k nowicki, feather bowl
k nowicki, thunderbird vase
m selsor, horse
m selsor, pot
m selsor, turkey feather
p shelor, teapot
p shelor, wire handled pot
p shelor, yellow vase
r bourland, vase
w coggins, bowl
w coggins, ugly face jug
c flippin, scalloped bowl
c litman, platter
d goodrich, pretzel dish
d archer, chowder vessel
d archer, salsa cylinder
e branman, teapots (the ones that are 4 in a row together)
f paget, orchid in blue
g lindsley, mug
g lindsley, star bowl
j alexander, birdbath
p tilton, grey vase
p tilton, vase w/ flowers
r janssen, ?

L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Studios, Summerfield, NC
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