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exhibition memo

updated fri 5 oct 01


LOWELL BAKER on thu 4 oct 01

0100,0100,0100Attached is a copy of a draft memo for a proposed exhibition here
on the campus of The University of Alabama. I encourage each of
you to make similar proposals to local and regional galleries.

I am still waiting to hear about possible national exhibition venues.

I have already talked to our gallery cordinator about the show, but I
will formally meet with Vicki at 9:00 tomorrow morning to set this in


Times New RomanOctober 5, 2001

To: Vicki Rial, Exhibition Coordinator

From: W. Lowell Baker

Re: Exhibition, September 2002

I have proposed a series of national exhibitions to be mounted on or
about September 11, 2002 to allow artists the opportunity to visually
discuss the terrorists' attack on sites in the United States.

My initial proposal was sent out to the more than 3000 members of
CLAYART. I charged them with the responsibility of finding regional
and local venues for such exhibitions. The final nature of the exhibition
would be left to the individual gallery.

With this memo I am proposing that the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art at
The University of Alabama mount an invitational exhibition that will
open on or about September 11, 2002. The content of this exhibition
should be to recognize and comment upon the events of September 11,
2001. I further propose that artists, who are invited, will by the nature of
their creative history submit works representing a wide variety of media.
I recommend that we engage the faculty of the Department of Art and
Art History in order to cast a broad net over the Southeastern region of
the United States to locate artists who might contribute to this exhibition.

I realize this is relative short notice for such an exhibition, but I believe
we have some duty as artists and citizens to make our visual expression
of our reaction to the event evident. I will certainly make myself available
to you for this exhibition as you see fit.