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cone 6 porcelain/like

updated fri 5 oct 01


Ron Collins on thu 4 oct 01

I am formulating a porcelain/type clay to fire at cone 5/6, which needs =
to be fairly versatile in terms of throwing and handbuilding. I don't =
have a comprehensive book, and have looked in the archives. My =
challenge is that I don't have enough neph.sye. or frit to use in a =
clay body and my feldspar composition is unknown. So, what about:
ball clay 25
unknown feldspar 25
305 mesh silica 25
kaolin 25=20
add talc 5% =20
I thought that I would do this by weight rather than volume. What =
improvements in this body can I make? Or is there another body better =
that depends on talc to lower the maturing temperature? I need some =
help here. Is there a simple test I could use to at least find out if =
the feldspar is soda or potash? Melinda Collins, Antigua, Guatemala