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inspirational books (re: ugliness/ i quit)

updated thu 4 oct 01


Andi Fasimpaur on wed 3 oct 01

Pat Wrote:

> I just quit my job to go full time with the business.
> I thought I would be elated, but i'm just scared.
> I just got my tile press made for me...
> I think i've figured out the cracking problem with my
> tile...
> I glazed a boatload of work today... and all I feel is
> angry.
> dont know what to do about it but keep working.
> Pat

This is probably a really scary time for you... I know
that it has been for me, and I've known other artists in
the same position who found the fear somewhat imobilizing...

I have found that it is helpful to try and remember why I
do this instead of going into an office every day and
answering someone else's phones...

There are a few books in my collection which help me
remember the reasons I work in clay rather than persuing
a career which would be easier and more financially
lucrative if not more personally rewarding...

Finding One's Way With Clay by Paul S. Berensohn is one of
those books...

The Spirit of Clay by Robert Piepenburg is another.

Yet another Robert Pipenburg book which I've found helpful
is Treasures of the Creative Spirit... it's self-published,
but you can order it from Amazon at the following url:

Does anyone else have books which they've found inspiring or
which have helped them through the crisis of faith inherent
in letting go of the security of a "regular" income to rely
on the will of the kiln gods, not to mention the customers,
for their livelyhood?

Best Wishes,


Ceramic Artist, Writer, Workshop Facilitator.

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