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updated tue 2 oct 01


LOWELL BAKER on mon 1 oct 01

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To: Wood Jeanne
Subject: exhibition
Date sent: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 09:19:21 -0500

This is a copy of a note I sent to Jeanne Wood concerning her
questions on a regional exhibition dealing with the terrorist's attack.

I hope that all of you are looking into local/regional venues for such
an exhibition. We must get on with this at once if it is going to
happen. Let me know what I can do for you.

I am still waiting to hear from any of you who have contacts or have
contacted the major galleries/museums. We need to get
something rolling this week.



Thanks for your interest in an exhibition concerning the terrorist's
attack. I think regional exhibitions should be as varied as the
location that is sponsoring them. I believe the one commonality
should be that the opening date should be on or around the
anniversary of the attack.

My advice to you is to contact these exhibition venues in your
order of preference and talk to them about an exhibition for next
September. They are the experts concerning the kind of
exhibitions they can handle and they understand the specific
interests of their clientele.

I think it is our job to plant the seed and to help it grow, but we
cannot produce each and every exhibition.

Some suggestions for conversation:

I would certainly think the exhibition should deal with the artist's
response to the attack.

Specific exhibition dates should be decided upon soon.

Will it be a single media or open media show?

Will it be jurried, invitational or an open exhibition?

How long will it stay up?

Can the gallery/museum purchase a piece from the exhibition as a
commemorate work?

Once these things are decided it becomes one of the routine tasks
of the gallery to get it done. Please remember they are the experts
so we need to give them free rein.

Please keep me posted on your contacts. I will be happy to make
a telephone call or calls to help support your request for an
exhibition, but I believe you should make the first contact with the
gallery because you understand them better than I .


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