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foam glaze cone 5/6,now plaster

updated sat 29 sep 01


Linda Rosen on fri 28 sep 01

Your original idea with sand , balls and plaster might work if you use a
very thin splash coat of plaster and let that harden before filling the form
with plaster

Linda Rosen,

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Subject: foam glaze cone 5/6

I have been looking at suggestions for glaze recipes and at Ababi's web site
for a solution to creating a foamy looking tile like a wave on a beach.
This morning I had an idea to put sand in a plastic box and press marbles,
beads, and small styrofoam balls into the sand more than half-way to look
like bubbles. I mixed a batch of plaster of paris and poured it over the
top carefully to make a mold. Aren't I brilliant! Oh yes! UNTIL the
styrofoam and plastic beads all popped up to float on the top! I can't
believe how stupid I was not to think that through.
Any suggestions to where to find 4-5 different sizes of non-floating
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