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updated fri 28 sep 01


LOWELL BAKER on wed 26 sep 01

Well folks, thanks for your patience. I have been working on my
dossier for promotion for the past three weeks. I finally turned it in
a few hours ago. Now all I have to do is wait, and maybe do a little
of my own work.

I am now ready to direct myself toward the exhibition concerning
our reactions to the terrorist's attack.

I need from you the names and addresses and most importantly
telephone numbers of galleries, gallery directors etc where we
would like to show. My main goal will be to secure a space in New
York and Washington DC. So, let's start there.

The second level will be regional galleries in cities/universities /art
centers etc. You should have been doing your homework and have
lots of these identified. Once again please supply me with your list
so I can act as a clearing house.

Most of the local level exhibitions will have to be left to you as

I need to talk with anyone who is willing and able to set up an
electronic exhibition. I don't have the skills or time but I firmly
believe we need to do it.

I will not and cannot do this by myself, but I believe as a group we
can do it. You have given me the week I needed so let's get to it.

Please keep this mail off the list. I will keep everyone informed.
You are free and encouraged to elect another person to follow
through on this idea if you wish, in fact I would be sorely relieved.

Respond to me for the time being.