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terra sig results and lousy show

updated tue 25 sep 01


Anita M. Swan on mon 24 sep 01

Almost forgot to post this. My terra sig polishing results:

Just polishing after each coat made pots a bit shinier, but not enough to make it
worthwhile, so I will apply all coats and then polish. I also found that a chamois
worked best for me - just couldn't get those plastic bags to work, although I will
try a dry cleaner's bag one of these days. The thing that makes a huge difference
is a final polishing with lard or oil. I just used vegetable oil - what a shine!!
I used to heat the pots a bit after pitfiing to make the wax melt and polish
better, but this was totally unnecessary on the pots that had oil or crisco on

Had my big show of the year this weekend and it was very slow - only did about half
the sales I normally do, but that may have been in part because I had less to sell
and also have raised my prices a bit. Attendance was a bit low too. Guess people
have so much on their minds, but I sure hope things improve at upcoming shows!