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radios, lawrence welk and a terrible show

updated wed 26 sep 01


claybair on mon 24 sep 01

I have to have music in my studio when I work. Sometimes I listen to the
same cd for days on end. Of course it must be one I love!
Now regarding Laurence Welk.... I was driven over the edge this weekend at a
2 day outdoor show. It was in a small retirement community and was the first
time for this show. Against my better judgment I allowed a friend to talk me
into doing it. What an absolute nightmare! The organizer, as I later found
out, runs the local flea/farmers market on a first come first serve basis.
When I arrived he was rambling about not having enough space for all the
booths. He had not marked off the 10x10 spaces. He walked me over to the
area and randomly assigned me a location which I marked by wedging a pen
into the ground. After I had painstakingly staked my tent and screens he
tried to get me to move... not a chance!
There was no attempt to separate vendors with similar wares, vendors largely
outnumbered the crowd, the main access to the craft booths were cordoned off
by the "beer fest garden", it was unseasonably hot, time stood still...
seconds turned into hours!
Then the ultimate insult to my senses.... the thing that drove my friend and
me absolutely over the edge...... (drum roll by a guy with no sense of
rhythm, cropped & slicked back hair, phony smile, and polyester clothing)
came the Lawrence Welk music...... live. I said to my friend...."Lawrence
Welk lives????"

That was the defining moment...... we decided to leave. The worst part was
yet to come. Sunday night I get a email from a Clayart person asking where I
was.......groan. I had forgotten to warn several people that I booked. I
hope I will be able to make amends by inviting them to my house and studio.

o o
I have never left a show before it was over until Saturday. I have
changed since 9-11. My priorities are a lot different.... it seemed more
important to me to spend Sunday with my family than waste my time at a show
I shouldn't ever have signed up for inthe first place. o o
O o o
So any of my claybuds... if you came to Port Ludlow WA looking for me on
Sunday my sincere apologies. I will let you know when Pam and Penny are
going to come and you will be invited to my house/studio too...... hell....
anyone who wants to come to Bainbridge Island, WA. that day will be welcome
too. We'll have a Clayart party!

o o O O O o o
Gayle Bair- please turn off that damn bubble machine!-O o oO o OO
Bainbridge Island, WA
O O o
Lee Burninghamwrote>> O
o O
Mel, O o o Ooo o o o

You are a rotten pain in the butt for forcing anybody, including yourself,
to listen to Lawrence Welk. Great for dancing at the right time(s) but
terrible for just about anything else. That is one of those ideas I am going
to have to acquire and add to my arsenal for dealing with the little
sweethearts in a classroom setting. It ought to work even better for my high
school kids.

Lee Burningham

Imzadi Donelli on tue 25 sep 01

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Gayle Bair- please turn off that damn bubble machine!-O o oO o OO >>

ROFL! I wondered "What the heck are those circles in her post?"