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no music!!use brains, not ears

updated mon 24 sep 01


Clifford Ross on sun 23 sep 01

At 07:11 PM 9/23/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>....>would like to know what your opinions and policies are regarding the use
>>of radios during class time. ...
>I've been out of town and not seen the list for some days,
>but would like to weigh in on this.
>My policy re: radios in class are: no headsets, period. No
>radio while I'm lecturing or demonstrating. Music during
>studio time may not irritate even ONE student (or me), or it goes off.
>No one should have to work under annoying conditions. In
>ceramics, radio or tapes or cd's can be fairly catholic -I
>don't permit heavy metal or rap because it drives ME nuts,
>but otherwise they can choose. In drawing classes, again
>nothing that irritates anyone trying to work, and further,
>nothing with lyrics. Too distracting, I want drawing students
>to stay in the "right" brain, and words are left-brain stuff.
>Beginners have enough difficulty without a constant barrage
>of words.
>I'm in charge, so them's the rules.
>Dannon Rhudy
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