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book recommendation for jimena

updated sun 23 sep 01


Maid O'Mud on sat 22 sep 01

The book I love best is "The Craft of the Potter" by Michael Casson. I
learned a LOT from his step by step photos. I learned to make a t-pot from
this book.

My t-pots look entirely different now - but it was this book that made it
"simple" by showing me and telling me; what to do.

best wishes on your new journey into clay
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From: "Jimena Alvarado"
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2001 10:23 AM

> hi clayart
> my name is jimena alvarado, 21, from costa rica, and i recently bought a
> brent wheel, i'm trying to learn how to throw by myself. does anyone
> any good books on throwinng they'd reccommend?
> thanks for everything, a new potter starting out
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