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books (tooting my horn)

updated thu 20 sep 01


Frank Colson on wed 19 sep 01

An amendment to the book list:

"Kiln Building with Space Age Materials" by Frank
Colson, the first definitive book on using ceramic fiber insulation for
kiln building. Numerous easy to follow plans.

The Raku Kiln chapter has recently been updated and is
available on the web at

Your support and/or feedback is welcome and appreciated
in this new venture!

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From: Cindy Strnad


Sent: 9/19/2001 12:26:29 PM

Subject: Re: books

Regarding Stephen's book list:

If you can't buy them, you can at least have a look at these books if

lucky enough to have access to the US library system. Ask your librarian

reference librarian if you're in a larger town than me) to order them

you on inter-library loan. Stephen's message and list follows.

Cindy Strnad

Earthen Vessels Pottery

RR 1, Box 51

Custer, SD 57730



Here are the correct titles for the books recently mentioned about

equipment. They are all out of print and hard to find:

Building Pottery Equipment-John Kolb

The Self Reliant Potter-Andrew Holden

The Potters Alternative-Harry Davis

Getting Into Pots-George Wettlaufer

Pioneer Pottery by Michael Cardew, which also contains information on

equipment, has been re-published and was scheduled to be released in


is now due out in October.

Regards to all,

Steven Branfman

The Potters Shop

31 Thorpe Rd.

Needham MA 02494, USA

781 449 7687

fax: 781 449 9098


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