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another book in the offing!

updated fri 21 sep 01


Steve Mills on thu 20 sep 01

Dear Friends,

My friend and work partner Mike Bailey has got the book bug!
below is a message to all of you Reduction Firing Potters:

Request for contributions to a book about stoneware reduction glazes.

Dear Clayarters,

I've asked Steve if he would be kind enough to post this to the group.

I'm starting on a sequel to the book Glazes: cone 6, in the A & C
Black, Ceramic Handbooks series; this time about STONEWARE REDUCTION

From a personal point of view it was such a worthwhile and enjoyable
experience to correspond with the members of this group in the
production of the Cone 6 book that I'm keen to try it again !! So, if
anyone is interested in contributing some reduction fired stoneware
glaze recipes with accompanying photographs of their work, they can
email me for more information - either at work or at home.

Work email

Home email

Best regards,

Mike Bailey.

Steve Mills