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the exhibition

updated mon 17 sep 01


Carole Fox on sun 16 sep 01

I wanted to contribute a suggestion for the WTC exhibit. I am sure that =
much art will eventually flow from the pain we are feeling now. All over =
the world. I suggest that, in time, we organize and present these =
tributes on a local level, photograph them individually, and then =
collaborate these photos into a virtual exhibit for all of clayart, and =
the world, to share. =20

I do feel that some of us need time for mourning before we can channel =
these feelings creatively.

Though I am relatively unknown on Clayart, I feel very connected to the =
world by this international list of clay people. I have been so touched =
by the personal tragedies of many of you in the past- It really feels as =
if you are my family, in many ways. I wish you all love, hope, peace and =

Carole Fox-in Elkton, MD - hugging my kids at every opportunity, but =
trying to not to let them see me crying. I am reminded of that holocaust =
movie where the dad creates an imaginary world of safety and happiness =
for his little boy in the midst of a concentration camp.