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thank you / equipment book

updated tue 18 sep 01


John Baymore on mon 17 sep 01

This book was about Potters making their own
equipment from scrapyard finds, such things as
extruders and slab rollers etc.

I dearly want both an extruder & a slab roller, and
have no money. This book would be an enormous help.

Does anybody know the title, & author of the book?
Does anybody have a copy for sale?


This probably does not actually answer your question. But it probably is=

at least related to the question .

One book that goes into the idea of building potter's equipment from
scratch is "The Potter's Alternative" by Harry Davis. It is a supurb boo=
for the "self reliant" type. It is one of the books that if you were a
potter shipwecked on the proverbial desert isle, you would want with you
.... (along with Hammar's "Dictionary of Materials and Techniques").

Unfortunately... it is WELL out of print. Very hard to find. You
occasionally can find a copy in a rare book search on the web. Usually i=
is somewhat expensive if you do find it....... hundred buck range. =

Sometimes it can be found totally by chance in a used book shop. Few tha=
actually have a copy would part with it.

I don't think this is the book to which you refer though.... as it's
publication date was quite a long time ago.

Another do-it-yourself type book is "Pioneer Pottery" by Michael Cardew. =

(NOT "Pioneer Potter") It is another book for the desert isle . Also=

out of print, I think....although I caught rumors of a re-issue a while
back. Not sure. Also an older copyright date.

Unfortunately, I am not sure of a newer book much like what you mention. =

Check with Steve Branfman at .... I am sure he would
know what you might be thinking of. Steve is the number one supplier of
pottery related books in the USA. BTW...ask for his EXTENSIVE catalog wh=
you talk to him. Great "one stop shopping" resource for books.



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