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please read: my proposal for an exhibition

updated tue 18 sep 01


LOWELL BAKER on mon 17 sep 01

0100,0100,0100My proposal has been met with the expected support. I have
collected a list of names.

My hope is that each of us will now examine our gallery contacts,
talk with them and see where that takes us.

This is what I have presumed from the conversation:

1. the exhibition should be set for the first anniversary of the

2. It should have national, regional and local components.

3. it should have a virtual component

I am leaning toward a juried national exhibition, regional exhibitions
that follow the mission of the gallery or exhibition space and a
virtual exhibition that is open to everyone.

I will take some responsibility for some level of leadership of the
exhibitions, but I need your help. I am extraordinarily busy this
week and I cannot process all of the E-mails that are coming in.

I am asking that you:

1. halt this conversation for a week

2. examine your contacts and broach the idea of an
exhibition to galleries, gallery directors and institutions.

3. Do not cut any deals concerning time or the specifics of
the exhibition.

4. Provide me with the exhibition opportunities that you have
found, in one or more weeks.

5. I will then process this information, recontact the galleries
and let the group know what the plan/plans might be.

I know all of you are interested in this. I appreciate your
messages. It is now time to get down to the work of the

Please give me a week. Do your homework and then E-mail or
call me at or 205-248-1889.

Should we want to do something else or appoint another person to
lead this work, I am very agreeable to that. I think a committee
would be a good idea. Again, No conversation for a week.

I am proud to be associated with you.


Wesley Rolley on mon 17 sep 01


There are times and functions for a committee. There are also times and=
functions for a leader. Do not step aside to be replaced by a committee=
This list has just had a long discussion about commissions and the role=
of committees.=20

Also, I hope that we all clearly understand that the efforts and=20
discussion about urns are a different thing than what you have proposed.=
This effort also lacks a leader. =20