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memorial exhibition/think about it.

updated mon 17 sep 01


Merrie Boerner on sun 16 sep 01

I believe that this whole exhibition idea began with the thought of each
expressing HIMSELF in this time of expression of the individual
artist, who can see the true possibilities of something incredible being
created from simple elements....each of us seeing this vision through
different eyes, from different backgrounds and experiences, and with
different Americans do. I rarely make urns and urns would not
express my feelings or thoughts. You must take a deep look into Lowell's
instillation, "Within This House" I have a larger picture of it if you
e-mail me, I'll send it to you....I have no virus.
I feel that Lowell's work is insightful and timely....He said, about the
1009 vessels, "The process of selection and placement of individual pieces
within a layer was intentionally random, so the pieces, as they are viewed
from the side, realistically represent the community."
Using ashes and making thousands of urns for each family sounds unpleasant
and not very optimistic to me.....we have all gone through stages of shock,
grief, tears and resolve.....we need to think about this exhibition for a
while, and see what comes out of our hearts, minds, and studios.