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low fire functional ware

updated wed 19 sep 01


Elizabeth Hewitt on tue 18 sep 01

Since I'm a relatively new potter (4 years), I can still remember being
a "consumer only". The every day dinnerware that I purchased many times
wasn't specified as earthenware or stoneware. Even if it had been, I
would not have known the difference. I learned the difference after I
became a potter. Even now if one views dinnerware in catalogs, even
Horchow and many of the others with high quality merchandise...or at
least high priced merchandise, often it is not mentioned where it is
earthenware or stoneware.

Before I was a potter, I often was rather relieved to learn that it was
"that kind that chips easily" because I tire easily of the dinnerware
that we use daily and was always glad for a good excuse to replace it
for the different look.

Now that I'm a potter, when scanning the catalogs, I always look to see
if it is stoneware or earthenware and would rather own stoneware or
porcelain. When I tire of them, I pass them down to my children who are
now grown. I still don't want a set that's going to last me a life time.

I'm not skilled enough to create my own set of dinnerware, though I'm
working toward that goal.

I think we need to remember that not everyone is looking for the same
thing in the products they buy, whether from the potter or a mail order

Elizabeth, who remembers in the lean years, "accidentally" knocking a
coffee table down the basement stairs that had worn its welcome. A
girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. It got me a new coffee table.