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low fire clay delivered/opened by mistake

updated fri 14 sep 01


Joyce Lee on thu 13 sep 01

J. Baymore said:
"Is this the best thing for YOU to deal with at this point in your
development with your time? Don't know .... don't really know you. =
about it. Could playing with this stuff right now sort of "derail" some
focus you are having.... or would it open up new ideas. Could do =
-------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, =
claybuds, for the many really fine
suggestions for using the ^06 red clay. Wish I could follow each of =
them. However, John's comment (above) reminded me that, while I =
normally would take advantage of my error in order to experiment with =
slips, majolica, pitfiring etc ........ right now I'm up to my ears. I =
don't know that I'll be able to continue making pots for sale, but I'm =
committed to this one and want to make a good showing..... at least, an =
adequate showing.

To answer John's question...... using this clay right now would open up =
some new ideas.... it already has ..... it would ALSO derail the =
projects I am now trying to complete. Usually, hands down, I would opt =
for the new ideas. But
I need to do what I am now doing.... otherwise, I would disappoint the =
guild that asked me to join them, and others who've offered to help any =
way they can...... setting up, pricing etc=20

Your suggestions are filed though and someday...............

In the Mojave