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attention: cookbook payment by check/mo

updated tue 11 sep 01


L. P. Skeen on mon 10 sep 01

The following persons have placed orders for cookbooks and chosen MONEY =
ORDER as their method of payment. As of today, I have rec'd NO MO from =
these folks. THIS IS NOT MEANT AS A SLAM ON ANYONE!!! Just a reminder. =
You can send a check, but the ball is now rolling at the printer's, and =
I had to write a $5k check today; therefore I need your money ASAP. =
Check this list; if your name is here, you need to mail your payment to:

Living Tree Studios
8406 Hudson James Rd.
Summerfield, NC 27358

J Walls
E Struck
D McBeth
R Gill
E Bastarche
L Bedford

Tracey Cantello sent me a kewl pen with her payment; thanks much! :)

L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Studios, Summerfield, NC
"Just because nobody understands you does NOT mean that you are an =
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