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updated thu 13 sep 01


mel jacobson on wed 12 sep 01

just a tiny suggestion:

i have installed a second pilot light
on my electric kiln.

since it is in another room, away from my lungs,
i ran a pilot light to were i can see it while i work.

i never trust kilnsitters. they are wonderful, an
aid, but, never trust one. as soon as you do, it

and when you think, hey, there is no other way for
it to
the worst one, at school, a kid was sitting near a warming
kiln, reading. he scooted back and the stool came right under
the weight..he left...and yes, the stool caught the weight...and the kiln
fired into the night. melted everything...even the shelves.
the janitor caught it about 2 a.m..
he was late getting in.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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