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will get lawyer first thing monday!!!!

updated tue 11 sep 01


Cat Jarosz on sun 9 sep 01

Hello am kind of afraid to write anything more on the subject from all
the advise I have been given.... the last email I sent had a few sentences
deleted from it because of my gooberness on this puter ( i hit stuff
accidentally all the time and wipe out whole emails ) But I do have to
write in to say
I think that any more posts on this wont do much good as the pros and
cons are all confusing me and I get happy face then sad face then
terrified face... I do believe that the subject is a valid one to
discuss though , if it could happen to me it could happen to any of you
that do shows... I am really surprized that not one clay arter has had
anything like this happen.. but I am grateful also as its not a fun thing
to be faced with... I am going to call my guild office tomorrow and
talk to the director and ask for recommondations for a lawyer... I do
believe our guild has a lawyer other wise I will call and get advise
from legal aid if there is one in my county or use the yellow pages and
look under accident and injury lawyers.. its really hard waiting this
out as it is frightening not knowing what is going to happen and I worry
too much . Feels like I have been raped .... Hopefully tomorrow I can
get some good news on making this final and getting some peace of mind ....
In the mean time {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{GIANT HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to all ,
I am trying to write back to as many of you as possible to thank you for
reaching out and caring but its slow go... thanks for being here for me
Clay Buds your all some of the best things that have happened to me.. and
thanks for the kudo's on the clay times issue.... thats all due to clay art
also so kudo's to clay art !!! ps I almost cryed on tony and sheila's
CM article, it was soo beautiful ... Clay ART for good or bad has gotten
me out of my isolation and into the main stream of talking to real people
and not just a basset hound or my 3 cats I am rough around the edges
because I am out of practice... You are a blessing to me... even if its
all just cyber stuff... CAT

Gail Dapogny on mon 10 sep 01

Best of luck, Cat; we're all pulling for you. Many of us I suspect don't
feel competent about giving advice, but --you're right-- it's an issue that
was bound to surface and it's so good that we have a forum for addressing
it. What a horrible experience. You haven't even complained about the
loss of your pots, but we all know how sickening that feels, not to
mention getting dumped on by "the jerk."
Lovely article and picture in CT.
---Sincerely, Gail

Gail Dapogny
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