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need a recipe for sage green semi gloss cone 6.

updated tue 11 sep 01


Cheryl K Hanley on sun 9 sep 01

I am in need of a sage green semi gloss to a matt gloss. Can any one
give me a recipe that would be good on porcelain tiles. I need it to be
a cone 6. I am doing a fire place piece that was requested of me. Thank
you to all in advance.

Alisa og Claus Clausen on mon 10 sep 01

Dear Cheryl,
There are several green cone 6 glazes in the archives. If you search under
author's address as and then FOR "Glaze test" you will see
a list of glaze tests. Test the greens that you are interested in on your
clay body because my body is mid range stoneware, not porcelain. Names
that come to mind are

Green with pink specs gloss green, tiny specs of iron
like color.
Xavier warm jade green warm green gloss
Wodo white with Cobalt & Rutile matt warm green, goes gloss with
transparent over it.
Sana Green warm green gloss

In addition to these glaze tests, you can search under Green and find many

Good luck,
if you need more specifics, email me off the list,
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

Daniel Dermer on mon 10 sep 01

I found the recipe for SANA GREEN in the archives and
can attest that it looks great on c5 BMIX or
Claymaker's 'Cinnamon', fired to cone 6 in oxidation.
Lots of depth in a nice smooth satin matte surface.
It looked overfired on Navajo Wheel clay for some
reason -- perhaps too much iron oxide in that clay.

Glaze Name: Sana Green (C6 revision)
cone: 6
color: yellowish green
surface:satin matte
date: 12/7/96
30.00 Feldspar
10.00 Whiting
12.00 Gerstley Borate
8.00 Strontium Carbonate
3.00 Magnesium Carbonate
5.00 EPK, Kaolin
32.00 Silica
100.00 % Totals:

Also add:
3.00 Tin Oxide
5.00 Copper Carb
5.00 Rutile
2.00 Bentonite
>From the ClayArt Glaze Recipe Database at SDSU.
If you test this glaze and find it useful
please consider resubmitting it to the GlazeBase
estimated thermal expansion: 72.57x10-7/C
Unity Formula for Sana Green (C6 revision):
0.107 K2O 0.227 Al2O3 3.036 SiO2
0.084 Na2O 0.162 B2O3 13.4:1 Si:Al Ratio
0.481 CaO
0.153 MgO
0.175 SrO

Percentage Analysis for Sana Green (C6 revision):
64.36 % SiO2
8.17 % Al2O3
3.97 % B2O3
3.56 % K2O
1.84 % Na2O
9.52 % CaO
2.18 % MgO
6.40 % SrO
Possible Health Hazards: Silica: free silica-wear a
NIOSH approved dust mask when handling dry material
Lee, This Sana Green recipe was just recently on
Clayart from someone. I apologize for not remembering
who put it on. I tried it and found it to be a really
nice satin finish soft yellowish green that fit my
clay body very well. It has a pretty low coefficient
of expansion, and looks good, though not as yellowish,
without the rutile. I know this doesn't add up to 100,
but that's the way it was posted. Here it is. Good
Luck, Paul Lewing, Seattle

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