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updated mon 10 sep 01


Chris Campbell on sun 9 sep 01

To Cat and others -

I have one thing to add to the advice and it is not so much about the
incident as plans for the future.

If you wish to continue doing shows and selling your work to the
public you should consider becoming a 'Limited Liability Corporation'. This
seperates your personal property from your business so that anyone who
chooses to sue you will only get access to your business assets. In other
words - "Go crazy lady, but bring a pick up truck with you to cart away the
clay if you win!".

I did this after a little old lady - using a walker, on oxygen and
trembling - did herself and my booth some damage. Luckily she quickly
admitted she was to blame and there was no legal action but I was thankful
that someone was not with her to advise her that she could sue me.

Some people may scoff at this idea but I must admit that I rest a lot
easier knowing that I am not endangering my home and my savings every time I
venture out to sell pots.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina