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hand made: making or marketing

updated mon 10 sep 01


Stephani Stephenson on sun 9 sep 01

It seems that much of the REAL tah-doo on this issue really relates to
'handmade' as it applies to marketing not making.
Were it not for the marketing aspect would we not simply appreciate
the various skills and techniques used by all and any of us?
So it seems to me that the uproar and insult to some comes from how
something is presented ,represented , or misrepresented to the buyer or
to the audience.

And to Vince who thought some of Gadget's post on 'basic machines' was
Actually I thoroughly enjoyed reading that post and did not think it
the least bit absurd. I remember back in the dark ages of my own grade
school education, learning about the basic types of machines, and I
enjoyed reflecting on that and for the moment, putting things in that
perspective. Also the whole of Gadget's post was , in my reading, kind
of an eloquent statement on the union of body and tool/implement/machine
and process.

This discussion is getting worked over pretty good, but just when it
seems as if it has gone too far, someone else throws in their 2 cents
worth , and a whole new avenue of thought and questioning opens up. It
is a complex thing, with many viewpoints.
this gives us a good opportunity to read first hand what those
viewpoints are, and decide how and if we fit them into our ways of
perceiving and understanding.

What I see is that this issue is a thorny one, and not simply explained
away. This one may take a whole 'pack of doberman's' , (i.e. all of us),
to get at the heart of the matter . (sorry, not a pretty analogy, but
there it hath sprung , fully malformed....)

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA