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updated thu 6 sep 01


Snail Scott on tue 4 sep 01

At 04:10 PM 9/4/01 -0700, you wrote:
>...A dozen tries later, I'm still struggling with making a plate where the
>screw holes and "switch opening" line up properly. I'm also puzzling over
>how to recess the back so that the plate fits flush against the wall.

If it's got dimensional ornament or form:
I might make a plaster hump mold, with the proper screw-
hole and switch locations incised, enlarged and spaced
for the shrinkage of your clay. After it's leather-hard,
turn it over and put the holes where the marks show.

If it's smooth on front:
A slump mold might be easier. Just push a slab into the
mold (thin enough to allow for the switch hardware
behind), and strike off the excess across the mold top.
Incised marks in the plaster would show where to cut
the holes after removal, when leather-hard. Less versatile
than the hump mold, but easy to make a standard sort.