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strange sales

updated sat 8 sep 01


Joyce Lee on fri 7 sep 01

I've been making lately .... since deciding claybuds are correct and =
that I need to begin selling the pots that are overrunning our desert =
scrub acreage .... piled up here and there..... beginning to lose the =
"clever" look.....
more like "tacky" with so many pots everywhere. (Another lesson in =
design for me: some jumbles look artistic and may be inspiring; others =
make one want to poke through to discover treasures, and those are fun;
still other jumbles look downright trashy..... want to avoid those.)

Anyway, so far, each sale seems to be a story in itself ..... not my =
story, nor the story of the pot.... but
the buyer's story. Wish I'd known that earlier. But, maybe not ..... =
I'm beginning to almost accept that
events occur in our lives in their own time and it doesn't bode well to =
push them along ..... events and people. Attempts to force the clay =
into forms that I'm not yet prepared to create have enhanced my =
awareness that such a road doesn't lead to fulfillment ..... in clay =
nor in life....... that, in fact, it derails the journey, or at best =
results in unrewarding detours. Still....
my desire to throw pots, and to live life, with grace=20
is an illusion for now.

To get back to sales........ on three occasions recently ... one =
yesterday...... artists/craftspersons (painters, basket makers, =
watercolorists) have stopped to view my work ....... nice experience for =
me.... different perspectives than have reached my ears before this =
week. Several have mentioned that they were buying specific pots (even =
from the UglyPotSpot) to use in their paintings........ soooo glazes =
that I didn't care for, forms that were less than I wanted them to be, =
were deemed "perfect" for their work ..... one declared that a dumpy ol' =
pot, which was destined to hear the thump of the hammer soon, would =
become the focal point of her next painting. A couple were going to use =
them for background in portraits. Odd, huh? Makes sense, but never =
entered my mind that my pots would serve such a purpose.... have a =
chance to live another life ....=20

Dips&turns...... some dips seem like canyons of quicksand, preventing =
all movement ..... then dreamlike, when revisited, we may discover only =
a valley ..... easier to traverse than we thought possible ....

I'll never be a production potter .... but I think I can become a =
reasonably skilled craftsperson with something to offer to a select =
group.... here and there........

In the Mojave with a slight fever and odd thoughts that jumble over one =
another..... which are they, that is the question, huh? Artistic ... =
interesting ...or just trash?