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oxy kiln shelves

updated wed 5 sep 01


james w. thomas on tue 4 sep 01

I have been searching the archives for leads on kiln shelves. I have also been looking on the net with out much luck. Does any one know of decent priced shelves for electric kilns offered in the southern states. I'm a resident of north Louisiana. I have read about the silsicone carbide discussions in the archives and would rather go to a clay shelf to start with. I have a used Skutt 1227 and will be getting a donated Blue Diamond (not sure of the model number just yet). Both are used and need repair but its what I will have to work with to start out.

Any help on where to locate shelves will be appreciated. Please contact me off line. I don't want to tie up clayart with a lot of posts. Thanks in advance

42 yr. old newbie

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