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prices for friends

updated tue 4 sep 01


becky schroeder on mon 3 sep 01

whew. i just survived a close one.

i was presented just such a "deal" from a friend last week. thanks to all
of you guyses out there i will be passing. during the having babies and a
small house phase of my artistic life i did some serious work making art
quilts. many of them hang on the walls of my home. several people have seen
them and wanted to commision me do do one for them. hahahaha. first off,
talk about working for minimum wage, we're talking pennies an hour for those
puppies. people think that because they can buy a hand made quilt from
land's end for $150 surely i could whip them up a little 4X4 foot piece for
there wall to match their sofa for oh let's say $150. yeah well add a zero
and we MIGHT be close. and then to top it all off they want me to make one
like they saw on someone elses website-not like my work at all- and mind you
the price on the web site is a mere $1,400.

now where was my head when i even contemplated doing the commision because i
really like this person? luckily she's a good enough egg that she told me
to think it over for a week before i committed to doing it. well, the weeks
almost up and the answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOO. i value our friendship too much.
now mind you i might make her one and GIVE it to her out of freindship but
that's a whole nother dealybob.

thanks all for the timely rescue.

becky schroeder

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