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making a priceless dinner set

updated tue 4 sep 01


C TRIPP on sun 2 sep 01

Good Morning Clayarters,
I lapped up all the "pricing of dinner set" posts. What a boost I got from
them. I guess I never realized how hard it is to make a dinner set. You
see, this past January I decided to make a one for my parents' 50th wedding
anniversary. (I wanted to give them something special, but useable, as they
are of an age where they don't want any more stuff to clutter up the area
and my mother is a plate breaker from way back.) Anyway, I have never made
any plates as a set or a set of anything for that matter so this project
proved to be very valuable to me. Many many plates hit the meltdown bucket
during or after turning. Many others hit the wall during the second throw
after glaze firing but I learned ALOT.

When it came time to ship them, the UPS clerk wanted a value for insurance
and I jokingly said, "Priceless." And I quess I was right. They all made
it from Dubai to Ohio just fine wrapped in bubble wrap and Pampers and
double boxed (idea from the Archives). And my parents were delighted though
they refused to use the set until I visited in August.

Best regards,

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