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clay times and cm

updated tue 4 sep 01


Marta M. Gloviczki on mon 3 sep 01

PurpleLama@AOL.COM wrote:

>Well, Joyce, I guess it's time to send out the sea gulls to see what has
>happened to my copy of Clay Times. It still hasn't arrived. It appears that
>Clay Times is delivered to the desert before the beach! >

i`d love to send out the sae gulls... but can`t find one in minnesota...
my clay times is not here yet, as of monday- laborday.
almost every month i am the last one on earth to get cm or claytimes.
my cm just came saturday, so i had a great weekend reading all about the
famous clayarters,--- congratulations to marcia, nils, marie, hank, tony
and sheila!---
and again on page 105 the picture of that beautiful jack troy`s pot i
bought 3 years ago...(isn`t it gorgeous?)
lovely issue!