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dinner set price

updated mon 3 sep 01


Joyce Lee on sun 2 sep 01

Grrrr this sort of illogic puts my teeth on edge.
Let's see.... it goes ..... You're my friend and I adore your work...... =
so, as a natural consequence you should charge me less than you might =
others..... or .... than we both know is fair.=20

Seems to me..... having grown up in the hills of Kentucky where we =
understood from birth how one treats friends (as well as enemies) ..... =
and now a desert rat (where the same is true for real d.r.'s, not =
counting come-latelys) ..... that a more reasonable attitude is ....... =
You're my friend and I adore your work. I want a whole dinner set made =
by your hands to treasure forever ..... and because I think so highly of =
you.... tell me your price and I'll double it..... just because we are =
friends and I want to show my appreciation.

Of course, you're hesitant to take this on, Llewellyn! Your common =
sense is telling you to forget it. Besides, the point would be moot =
eventually, anyway, since from what I've read on Clayart ........ unless =
you're out and out GIVING your work to a friend... accepting such a =
commission would ruin the friendship ..... sounds like inroads are =
already being made. Save yourself a ton of grief and offer to find =
another potter for her ... one toward whom she feels LESS friendly and =
admiring, so she can expect to pay a fair price.

Or, maybe the two of you could exchange ..... not a straight-across =
exchange..... since YOU are the potter being admired here .... no, you'd =
exchange a set of dinnerware for hers plus she'd give you
$500 ...... because you're the better potter. Makes as much sense as =
her offer.

I, who have no experience at this sort of deal, would charge $2,000 =
BECAUSE of my inexperience....... the whole point being that SOMEBODY =
has to pay for me to gain experience......... who better than a friend? =
Much less a fan......

In the Mojave sorry to hear about Sheron's dad.
Stay strong, sweetie.