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: first day of school

updated sun 2 sep 01


iandol on thu 30 aug 01

Dear Kelly,

Congratulations on taking the big step. Know the feelings!!!. Now to =
your inquiry.

While I was working on the installation of the insulation in the studio =
walls today, Olive came in, announcing her arrival with a comment about =
the ways nature had of packing seeds. Cradled in her hand was the =
delicate skeletal remains of a Tomatillo, otherwise cape gooseberry or =
Chinese lantern. All the flesh had decayed, including that of the round =
ripe fruit leaving behind a fragile network of fibres retaining twenty =
or so small grains. The form was superb. Rotund yet defined by the space =
created between the fibres. My mind is working overtime with ideas to =
exploit that image. For a person who is already adept at the wheel, =
achieving that form and those contours while retaining strict =
proportions would be a challenge. Using the image to derive decoration =
would be another strand to follow. Working on a giant replica using coil =
and throw would offer other expressions. From my perspective , Return to =
nature which offers so many variations.