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updated sat 1 sep 01


Bill Edwards on fri 31 aug 01


Recently I re-checked the archives and wondered about
the ability of paper clay in repairs to chips and
cracks. I noticed some pro's and con's as usual in
regards to the use of it. My questions are as follows:
Who has had success using this as a repair method?
Are they any known secret solution to add such as
vinegar or CMC, that makes it perform better than clay
Is 30% dry paper weight to 70% dry clay weight the
usual mixture?
Often members at out studio try to make those repairs
regardless of time factors and I have relented to
asking for any/all information I can for mending
techniques known to work. Personally I find it easier
to just re-throw something but that doesn't answer
those who swear they have a master-piece and want to
salvage it someway. In the past I shrugged my
shoudlders and remind myself it is only clay, but this
doesn't work for some of the members who spend much
time due on their art due to the learning curve.
Advice can be given here or off-list. TIA!

William Edwards

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