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updated fri 31 aug 01


Kip O'Krongly on thu 30 aug 01

I am new to the clayart list, but if anyone can point me in the right
direction it would be great! Here's a little info about me:

I recently moved to the Bay Area after graduating from Carleton College
with a BA this past spring. While in my second year at Carleton, I
discovered something I had never tried before =96 ceramics. I was instantly=

hooked; I simply couldn=92t get enough. I declared a studio arts major and
spent the next three years working extensively in clay. I served as an
assistant to my ceramics professor, designed two independent study courses
(one working with large vessels and another focused on teapots), and
visited with a number of studio potters in the Minnesota area. I have also
spent time teaching ceramics to young students as well as guiding
undergraduate potters at Carleton. Clay is something I have an endless
energy for and I would love to continue my involvement in the Bay Area.

Through my college coursework and independent research, I have learned a
great deal about throwing techniques and studio responsibilities. I
focused my time primarily on wheel thrown functional pieces, using
stoneware and porcelain as my chief clay bodies. I have a wealth of
experience in mixing clay, making a variety of glazes, bisque firing
greenware and in glaze firing work. While I learned much about ceramics
during my time at Carleton, I feel spending time in a working studio would
be an invaluable experience for me. I want to be skilled in all aspects of
running a studio, from mopping the floors to running the gallery.

I am a highly motivated person, I love working with people (people and clay
are even better!) and I truly enjoy the arts. I would love to talk to
someone about running a studio and opportunities in the field.

If anyone has advice on how to get my foot in the door or where to even
look for ceramics apprenticeships/jobs in the bay area I would greatly
appreciate it! I'd be happy to send my resume to anyone who is
interested. Feel free to e-mail me at
Thanks so much,
~Kip O'Krongly