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updated fri 31 aug 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on thu 30 aug 01

Lisa, let me take my turn heaping praise upon your head for the project you have shouldered. The book sounds wonderful, and I am among those who doesn't care if it arrives in time for the holidays. I planned to hoard mine all to myself anyway ;0)

I got an email from a happy bartering potter who is getting a free motorized kickwheel from another happy potterbarter member. The more folks stop by to browse the potterbarter "classifieds", the more likely folks will have what you need/need what you have. Please come and sign up! You can select "no mail" if you don't want more emails but it's pretty low volume, and you might want to be the first to respond when an offer hits the board... remember that money can be bartered too, tho we don't negotiate that stuff on list.

and finally... mel, if you're out there, I just enjoyed watching the U of Toledo Rockets beat the TAR out of the Minnesota Golden (snort) gophers..

Yours, Kelly in Ohio (yes, that's TOLEDO Ohio, home of the rockets) sketching pots like crazy these days, worrying over my class proposal, and wondering what the heck is going on with the munity Joyce is hinting at...

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