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sales, shows and being a 'gypsy potter'

updated fri 31 aug 01


Steve Dalton on wed 29 aug 01

Awhile back there had been a thread on shows, sales and traveling the
countryside 'hawking' our wares. Well, I'm burned out of doing that.
Infact, this whole summer, I've resented going from one show to the next.
Loading up the Suburban with everything, except the kitchen sink, and trying
to convince Aunt Bertha with her little snot nosed nephew in tow why I make
Earth Tones and not flashy Cobalts.
So, I've decided to retire from the sale circuit(only do maybe 3 a year
instead of the usual 20-30) and build my showroom. I want to get the
customers who actually like pottery to come to me. This way, I get to save
my back a little longer, my nerves and my frustration. This Fall, I'm going
to build a 12 x 14 foot enclosed addition to the kiln shed with lights,
heat, windows and etc, etc. Heck, maybe I'll even throw in a cable jack!

OWLPOTTER@AOL.COM on thu 30 aug 01

Sounds like a good idea - what are you going to live on, though, while you
build the showroom and wait for the customers? That's always been my problem
- I'd love to get off the retail show merry-go-round, but I also have bills
and I like to eat regular!

Stay in touch and let us know how it works out for you.
-Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan