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all sales final?

updated wed 29 aug 01


Elizabeth Judd on tue 28 aug 01

I admit I haven't read every answer to this post. But here are my
thoughts (sorry if it's repetitive).
I don't think ALL sales are final. If something's definitely wrong,
then I would take it back. If someone just had buyer's remorse--well,
that's sort of a hard call. If the customer came back the next day,
explained the problem and seemed really unhappy--I would probably
take it back. I mean unhappy as in it seems like a genuine mistake;
the color was awful in the house, or they meant it for a gift and
it's just wrong, or something like that. And here's another thing
that would affect my decision, and customers don't always seem to
realize it (I've managed a couple small stores in my time): the nicer
the customer is, the more willing I am to accomodate them or break a
policy for them. A customer such as the one mentioned--who yells and
pontificates and is generally miserable--well, he's the customer who
may indeed be faced with a final sale. It sounds like he just wanted
his money back, since he kept arguing after the artist explained the
glaze variations. Had he just come in and said that he just didn't
really feel the piece worked for him, and it was just the next day,
and he remained calm and polite, that would be one thing. But when
someone starts yelling, it's tough. So, I guess I would set a policy
on sales for the next show and just stick to it, and I would post it
so miserable customers couldn't argue it. Maybe even stamp or write
the policy on a receipt, and mention it to the buyer so they know.
But I have to say once again that the nicer a customer is, the easier
it is to break policy for them.

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