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updated tue 28 aug 01


Joyce Lee on mon 27 aug 01

Valice just sent a most elegant red and black sculptural piece .... =
stunning. I'm mentioning this because I think it's time to re-visit the =
"smoking by bbqpitting" concept ... since that's how she attained the
marvelous black streaks on her low-fire piece, using a commercial glaze. =
AND I think Valice is the one to remind/inform us as to how she did it.
I am especially honored since I already possess a smaller version of =
this sculpture, probably the prototype of the one I recently received. =
She also sent pics of her tall, phallic garden sculptures ...
impressive..... and already sold!

AND, for those who are interested in Bison tools, Phil today, at my =
request, sent me pictures of his micro-tools and I've ordered three for =
trimming pots thrown on my micro-mini wheel. I have several of his =
standard and heavy duty tools and am spoiled for anything else forever =
.. although, be warned, they're tungsten steel and DO break if you drop =
them on the concrete.... so nobody else is allowed to use mine ... =
everything else is shared, but not my Bisons! They have their own =
little carrier....

Believe me, no vested interest here ... don't I wish.... cost is the =
same for everybody..... just want to pass on the word as it was once =
passed on to me. =20

In the Mojave preparing for the ShovelingOut lady to arrive..... takes =
me almost as long to get ready for her as it would for me to clean the =
house in the first place ..... but Silvia and her crew do such a fine =
job and I'd miss their chatter&giggles as they work .... and Silvia =
unfailingly reminds me one way or another every month that I was the =
first to teach her English as a Second Language ... seems to give me =
credit for creating the dynamo that she is today!! Yeah, right..... she =
was born that way, of course. I do credit myself for teaching her that =
"beech" is easily translated from Spanish to English by even the most =
untrained, and that she had to quit referring to her teachers in such a =
manner....... she was such a firebrand when she arrived at the junior =
high where I taught Special Education/Learning Disabilities .... created =
quite a stir... especially since she was as tall then as she is today, =
and absolutely movie-star gorgeous...