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the workshop thing........

updated sun 26 aug 01


Terry M. Sullivan on sat 25 aug 01

Been awhile since I've posted to the group. Mucho busy.

Most groups and places that give ceramic workshops mean well and do their
Lots of times it's a volunteer group of students at a college ceramics club
with an over worked instructor involved. Sometimes they do well, sometimes
they flub it.

When it comes to Non Profit art centers , like Haystack etc. , it is a
dedicated and underpaid, if paid at all, staff doin their best to provide a
survice to the rest of us. Sure, it's probably great to work at these places
but the staff is still making far less than a sales person at Circuit City or
Sears. They do it because they love it. We all love it.

At the Nottingham Center for the Arts, although new and abuilding, we all
strive to provide the best possible expirience during a workshop; for the
attendees and for the presenter. In our first season, staff/artists in
residence Stephanie Stephenson, Michael Fee, David Blasdel, and Cara
Moczygemba worked their asses off to make sure each workshop went as well as
possible for all concerned. This despite the fact that we were still
building the facillities to support each workshop as they happened.
Long hours by all but with smiling faces from early morning to late at night.

The point is, whether long established or new to the scene, it is he
intention of the staff that makes or breaks how a workshop goes.
Our intention was, and is, to always make the expirience for all a good and
productive one. The proof of the pudding is happy presenters and happy
attendees and , hopefully, happy staff.

If some of you folks knew what it takes to run, maintain, and opperate the
sort of place where you enjoy these workshops; ya might cut them a bit more
slack. Those of you who do, or have done it, know.

We all do it for many reasons. One is because we love the company and love
giving something to the field we've chosen. Ceramics in all it's forms.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts