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updated fri 24 aug 01


Marie Gibbons on thu 23 aug 01

I have taught Visiting Artists Workshops at the Arvada Center for the Arts
and Humanities in Arvada Colorado for 3 years now... for both their summer
workshop programs and their everyday classes they have the students fill out
eval forms at the end of the program, it is passed on to the coordinator of
the ceramics program and also available for the instructor to view. I have
found this to be a very good tool in my workshop organization... being able
to see the feedback from students of 'their' perception of what I was doing
(as we all should be aware - what we think we are doing and what is perceived
by those we are doing it with is not always the same thing).... and take to
heart the criticisms as well as the praises.

here are the questions that are on the Arvada Center's eval form:

Instructor's understanding and enthusiasm for the subject was:
Instructor's responsiveness to the student and class needs was:
(both of the above are rated: excellent/ good/ fair/ poor)

The instructor used class time efficiently.
Instructor's demonstrations, explanations and corrections were clear.
You felt comfortable asking questions in class.
The course objectives and goals were met.
(all of the above were rated: strongly agree / agree / disagree / strongley

space for 'other' where students can write in their own comments, etc.

Would you recommend this course? yes or no

How did you find out about the class?

If you liked this class, please tell a friend, if you didn't please tell us.
Comments to the Center

I think these are pretty good questions to get a grip on how you are being
perceived by your students, and what areas you might need to re eval your
presentation and teaching patterns. It has worked well for me in my planning
of workshops.

marie gibbons