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big rib video

updated sat 25 aug 01


Sandy Ludes on fri 24 aug 01

Jane Cullum is a veteran potter and popular instructor in Manassas, VA.
Students love her teaching demos and hardly a class goes by without
someone saying, "Gee, I'd like to see that again. You oughta put it on

A recent confluence of people, events and opportunity has turned the
"oughta" into a "done deal". And it's neat! "Making Bowls with a Big
Rib" features Jane's step-by-step detailed instruction and demo,
throwing and trimming three progressively larger bowls--ending with a
10-pounder. It's intended for experienced beginners and intermediate

The picture-in-picture feature makes it really easy to see and
understand what Jane's doing on the inside and outside of the pot at the
same time. The bad news: the producer made her leave out the jokes. Boo!

There's more information (and you can reach Jane) on her website, (but beware, it still has the "new web site blues" from
time to time--if you need help, drop me a note off the list).