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workshops/overworking pots

updated thu 23 aug 01


Alexis Evans on wed 22 aug 01

> Just now... 2 years later... as I slowly return to throwing at the wheel
> again... I'm seeing myself "loosening up" at the wheel for the
> first time in
> my throwing career (I normally throw very precise, and I know I
> am too "anal"
> about details, making sure everything is just so clean looking).
> Ken
> in Encino, CA (soon to be Long Island, NY)

I wonder how many others fight the tight/compulsive plight...the "if I just
mess with it a little more maybe it will be perfect" battle. I get so
hyperfocused I lose sight of the whole project.

When I did oil painting the artist I studied under told me to set a clock
for 20 min and get away from what I was doing even for a minute or
two....also to look at the art upside down or in a mirror or approaching it
fresh from another room to get back in touch with the overall view.

I would get so obsessed I would paint this perfect nose that was just a
little to far to the left, forgetting the balance of features. I guess
it's part of the maturing process to learn to work in circles eventually
zeroing in on the details...if details are called for!!!

In pottery I keep telling myself that the idea is for the item to look like
a hand executed pot and not "bad ceramics" but I get so involved I can "pet"
and stroke the life right out of a pot!! I love handles and other
attachments that look "attached" but part of the design and I have to make
myself not over work them.

Guess I could drink wine and throw like I tried with painting but with my
uncoordination I'd just drop a whole board of mugs!!!