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workshops... finding quality presenters

updated thu 23 aug 01


Wendy Rosen on wed 22 aug 01

Unfortunately some of the worst presentations I've attended were
sponsored by some of the largest craft and art organizations... (mine

I wish NCECA and the other "media conferences"
would have tighter guidelines... so often the title of the lecture
has very little to do with the actual presented content.

Panel discussions are rarely "planned, organized or outlined"
to provide any tangible content... if moderators aren't careful
they will deteriorate into babble.

Unfortunately, many academics in the field of visual arts are
very poor writers or presenters. Back in my college days
I'd drop a course if the prof wasn't a competant presenter.

A few years ago I decided that we would change our way of
"hiring" (many speak for free) presenters... all of our presenters must
now provide...
1) Refrences (speaking appearances only)
2) Videotape
3) Script or detailed outline.
4) Resume
5) Suggested text for introduction.

My love to Mel and his family at this difficult time...

Wendy Rosen
President, The Rosen Group

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