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layering glazes and cone 6 firing

updated thu 23 aug 01


Earl Brunner on wed 22 aug 01

Awhile back when I was having some health problems, I turned some of the
firings in the city lab over to one of the other instructors. We fire
Skutt electrics with programmed firing. I showed him how to program in
the ramp-hold features for a bisque and how to set a 20 minute soak at
the end of a glaze firing. He did two firings about a week apart. In
both cases everything came out looking extremely over fired.

I was so puzzled by this as I unloaded the second firing that I reviewed
the program of the firing on the controller. Instead of a 20 minute
soak at the end he had apparently written it down wrong and had
programmed in a 20 HOUR soak. I can attest to the fact that Floating
Blue does some amazing stuff when held at cone 6 for 20 hours.

Dannon Rhudy wrote:

> Marianne said:
> .......>I have reglazed an already glazed and fired pot, ....
> if I try to duplicate the effect by putting glaze one on the bisqued pot
> .....then applying glaze two and glaze firing.... I get entirely different
> results...... shouldn't the glazes melt the same, regardless?.....
> Indeed, as you have observed, they do NOT melt the same on second
> firing. Some glazes tend to melt about one cone lower on second firing.
> So your initial glaze will fire differently than your second one.
> Your own observations will teach you a lot regarding your own
> glazes. Keep notes. All glazes will not behave the same - some
> over fire/blister upon second firings. If you keep good records
> you will know more or less what to expect - an adventure.
> regards
> Dannon Rhudy
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Earl Brunner